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Punisher Trailer

This is the ultimate archive of Punisher Movie clips available. As soon as a clip, trailer, preview, commercial, exclusive, "first look", or anything of the sort is shown on TV or the web, we'll grab it and put it here in our Punisher Trailer section. If you watch all the bits and pieces we at to this Punisher trailer section, you'll have practically seen the whole Punisher Movie already!

Note: You will need QuickTime and a current version of Window's Media Player to view these trailers!

Punisher Trailers and Clips

"Champagne Explosion" -- Seeking revenge, Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) invades Howard Saint's (John Travolta) dinner party.

"Never Let Him Out Of Your Sight" -- Howard Saint (John Travolta) proves his intolerance towards failure.

"I Can't Believe I'm Home" -- Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) returns home to his wife Maria (Samantha Mathis).

"His Family, His Whole Family" -- Howard (John Travolta) and Livia Saint (Laura Harring) order a hit on Frank Castle's family.

"Out The Window" -- Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) steals money from Howard Saint.

"Welcome" -- Howard Saint's (John Travolta) clients become increasingly become skeptical of his abilities.

"The Chase" -- Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is pursued by Hitman Heck Thornton (Mark Collie).

"Good Memories Can Save Your Life" -- Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) and Joan (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) share a common past.

"Russian Fight" -- A Russian hitman attempts to murder Frank Castle (Thomas Jane).

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